Exploring the Life of Sanaa Saleh: The Woman Behind NFL Coach Robert Saleh

While serving as the head coach of the New York Jets keeps Robert Saleh occupied, he shares a strong partnership with his wife, Sanaa Saleh, and together, they form a formidable team.

Robert and Sanaa tied the knot in 2007 and have since welcomed seven children into their family.

Sanaa, known for her preference to maintain a private life, does not have a public presence on social media. In contrast, her husband openly expresses how much her support means to him.

In a 2021 interview with the New York Post, Robert Saleh emphasized the significance of his family in motivating him for his demanding coaching career.

“My family. They’re my Why. I wake up every morning, kiss my wife, kiss my kids, every single one of ’em goodbye,” he shared when asked about his driving force. “They’re the reason why I wake up in the morning to do my absolute best.”

Robert Saleh

Sanaa took the initiative to establish her own charitable organization, Sanaa’s Stars, back in 2019. The nonprofit’s primary mission, as stated on its official website, is to combat child sexual abuse while providing support to survivors and their families.

The organization’s website elaborates on their dedication to bringing hope and love to children who have been impacted by this distressing experience. They tirelessly strive to create a positive impact on the lives of these vulnerable children, collaborating with individuals and organizations who share their deep passion for this cause.

Robert Saleh has been a vocal supporter of his wife’s philanthropic endeavors, frequently expressing his admiration for her work and the difference she is making.

“She simply aims to illuminate the lives of those going through dark times,”Robert Saleh shared in an interview with a Jets senior reporter. “The work she and her team do is remarkable, and the level of dedication she has put into this cause is truly impressive.”

A Joint Campaign for a Cause

In December 2022, the Jets participated in the NFL’s “My Cause, My Cleats” campaign, where players showcased custom-designed shoes representing causes dear to their hearts. For this occasion, Robert Saleh wore sneakers dedicated to his wife’s charity. He sported white Nike Air Force 1’s with “Sanaa’s Stars” emblazoned in blue.

Despite their busy lives with seven children, Robert Saleh emphasized his wife’s remarkable dedication to her charity work. He expressed his admiration, saying, “Her cause is always my cause, and we are supporting Sanaa’s Stars with these shoes.”

Married Before the NFL Journey

Sanaa and Robert Saleh exchanged vows long before he embarked on his NFL coaching career. Their wedding had a special touch, as Matt LaFleur, now the head coach of the Green Bay Packers, played a significant role in their big day.

Robert Saleh and Matt forged a close friendship during their time as graduate assistants at Central Michigan University, where they even shared an apartment, as reported by ESPN. When Robert needed a best man for his wedding, he turned to his former roommate, a gesture he would repeat years later when he brought LaFleur to the Houston Texans for his first NFL coaching job.

A Family of Nine

Robert Saleh and Sanaa Saleh have created a bustling household with a total of seven children. Their family includes five sons: Adam, Zane, Michael, Sam, and Jacob, along with two daughters, Mila and Ella. The Saleh family’s enthusiasm for football is evident, as one of their children even made an appearance on HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” a documentary series covering the New York Jets’ 2023 preseason, where he was spotted on the sidelines, passionately cheering for the team.

Mutual Support on Game Days

Sanaa Saleh is not just a devoted mother but also a supportive wife when it comes to Robert’s coaching career. She frequently attends her husband’s games, offering her encouragement and presence. In September 2023, during a game between the Jets and the New England Patriots at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, Sanaa took a photo with the cast of “Jersey Shore,” including Mike Sorrentino, Sammi Giancola, Nicole Polizzi, and Jenni Farley, who were also present to witness the game.


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