“Erik Thun and Electrochaea: Pioneering the Use of E-Methane as Maritime Fuel”

The proposed collaboration entails the Erik Thun use of e-methane produced by Electrochaea’s subsidiary, BioCAT Roslev Aps in Denmark, as maritime fuel for vessels operated by Erik Thun.

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Erik Thun

Electrochaea is currently in the process of establishing a power-to-gas production facility in the Danish municipality of Skive. This facility will utilize renewable power from wind sources to generate green hydrogen, which will then be combined with CO2 from biogas production at Rybjerg Biogas. Through a bioreactor and Electrochaea’s patented bio-methanation technology, this mixture will be transformed into e-methane.

The resulting e-methane will be integrated into the Danish gas grid, contributing to the decarbonization efforts of gas consumers across Europe.

Erik Thun intends to utilize e-methane as a substitute for fossil-based LNG fuel, allowing their existing LNG fleet to operate without the need for propulsion system replacements to accommodate other renewable fuels.

Johan Källsson, Managing Director of Erik Thun AB, expressed the company’s commitment to carbon neutrality and the integration of renewable fuels into their operations. He highlighted e-methane as a promising cleaner alternative for vessels currently fueled by LNG.

“We are proud to collaborate on pioneering the transition from fossil fuels to renewable e-methane,” stated Källsson. “As we await official recognition of e-methane as a cleaner alternative, our dedication extends to constructing, maintaining, and operating vessels with advanced designs and minimal carbon footprints. To ensure sustainable solutions that withstand proper life-cycle analysis, the development of much cleaner e-fuels is imperative.”

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