Dragon Dogma 2: Mastering Fast Travel in the Expansive Open World

Embark on a journey through the vast open world of Dragon Dogma 2, an exploration-heavy RPG teeming with content at every turn. While traversing this expansive landscape is a joyous adventure in itself, mastering the art of fast travel is equally crucial for efficient navigation within the game’s vast realms. Here’s a comprehensive guide to fast traveling in Dragon Dogma 2.

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Using Ferry Stones to Fast Travel in Dragon Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers two primary methods of fast travel, albeit with certain limitations compared to other games. These methods include Portcrystals and Ox Carts.

Fast Travel with Portcrystals:

Portcrystals serve as the cornerstone of fast travel in the Dragon Dogma 2 series. But what exactly are they? Portcrystals are invaluable items enabling players to swiftly traverse the world by consuming another item known as Ferry Stones.

By utilizing Ferry Stones, players can transport themselves to any location where a Portcrystal is strategically positioned. While some Portcrystals are fixed at key locations across the map, players have the freedom to discover additional Portcrystals and deploy them wherever they desire, effectively creating personalized fast travel points.

Procuring Ferry Stones:

Ferry Stones, essential for fast traveling via Portcrystals, can be acquired through various means. Players may purchase Ferry Stones from merchants or unearth them while exploring the open world. However, with each Ferry Stone fetching a hefty price of 10,000 gold, the accessibility of fast travel is notably restricted. For early access to Ferry Stones, players can consider procuring them from Philbert’s Sundries in Vernworth.

Fast Travel using Ox Carts:

Introducing a novel addition to the series, Ox Carts offer an alternative method of fast travel in Dragon Dogma 2. These mobile carts enable players to swiftly traverse predetermined routes, providing expedited travel to specific destinations, such as cities.

However, embarking on an Ox Cart journey comes with its own set of challenges. Players must remain vigilant, as Ox Carts are susceptible to ambushes en route. Fending off attackers is imperative to ensure uninterrupted travel. Additionally, Ox Carts operate exclusively during the morning hours and offer limited route options.

Discovering Ox Cart Stations:

To access Ox Cart services, players can locate designated stations within cities. Interacting with station attendants provides insights into available destinations and departure times. Whether savoring the scenic route or opting to doze off during the journey, travelers must remain vigilant to safeguard against potential threats that could derail their expedition.

In the expansive world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, mastering fast travel techniques is indispensable for efficient exploration and resource management. Whether utilizing Portcrystals or embracing the novelty of Ox Carts, players must navigate these diverse transportation options to conquer the vast expanse of the game’s immersive open world.

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