Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s Baby Buzz: All You Need to Know

Virat Kohli, citing a personal emergency, made an unplanned trip from Guwahati to Mumbai. Consequently, he was absent from his team during the ODI warm-up match against Netherlands at Trivandrum Domestic Airport.

Reports have been circulating that Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are anticipating the arrival of their second child. The couple, who exchanged vows in 2017, welcomed their first child in 2021. Their daughter, Vamika, holds a special place in their lives, and they have taken great care to protect her privacy. Despite being a content and joyful family, recent reports have hinted at the possibility of Anushka and Virat expecting their second child.

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According to Hindustan Times, the couple intends to make a formal announcement, but they plan to do so at a later date, similar to how they handled their first pregnancy. The report also mentioned that Anushka and Virat have kindly asked the paparazzi not to publish their pictures, with the assurance that they will share the news themselves in due course.

Amidst these ongoing rumors, Virat Kohli was notably absent as the Indian cricket team arrived at Trivandrum Domestic Airport for an ODI warm-up match against the Netherlands. It was reported that Kohli had taken a detour from Guwahati and sought permission from the team management to travel to Mumbai due to a personal emergency. A source from the Board Of Control For Cricket (BCCI) informed Cricbuzz that Kohli is expected to rejoin the team on Monday.

Anushka Sharma was seen in the city today, but she declined to have her pictures taken by the paparazzi. The actress was observed in her car, wearing a loose white shirt, and in a video circulating online, she could be seen gesturing to the paparazzi not to photograph her.

On the work front, Anushka has wrapped up shooting for ‘Chakda Xpress’ and has not made any new announcements as of now. Meanwhile, Virat will be preparing for the World Cup 2023, which is scheduled to commence on October 5th.

Are Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli expecting their second child?

Reports have suggested that the couple is expecting their second child, but no formal announcement has been made yet.


How have Anushka and Virat handled such rumors in the past?

In the past, the couple made a formal announcement about their first child at a later stage, and they have requested the paparazzi not to publish their pictures until they make an official announcement.

Why was Virat Kohli absent from the Indian cricket team’s warm-up match?

Virat Kohli was reportedly absent due to a personal emergency and took permission from the team management. He is expected to rejoin the team on Monday.

What is Anushka Sharma’s current work status?

Anushka Sharma has completed shooting for ‘Chakda Xpress’ but has not made any new work announcements.

What is Virat Kohli’s upcoming cricket event?

Virat Kohli will be preparing for the World Cup 2023, which is set to begin on October 5th.

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