A Coach’s Affection: Oregon Reflections on Loyalty and Competition

For 16 years, I’ve been deeply connected to Oregon Creighton, and my feelings about it are nothing short of wonderful. Leaving a place doesn’t diminish the love you have for it. I’ve spent 14 incredible years at Oregon, and my affection for this place runs just as deep. When my time here is over, I’ll hold Oregon in the same high regard as I do Creighton.

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I consider myself incredibly fortunate. Over 30 years, I’ve had the privilege of coaching at two exceptional institutions. Both schools have provided unwavering support and everything we’ve needed to strive for success. I couldn’t be happier for Greg and the entire Creighton community, including the fans and the people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing there.

Greg has done an outstanding job, building a remarkable program. I genuinely follow their progress, especially since my family is rooted in Nebraska. While Oregon holds a special place in my heart, I see Creighton as 1A; the affection I have for the school remains strong.

The upcoming game holds significant meaning for me, but ultimately, it’s about my team. It’s bittersweet because only one team will advance. Nonetheless, we’ll give it our all. Greg has cultivated an exceptional team, filled with remarkable individual talent. To overcome them, we’ll need to deliver a performance of the highest caliber. Our defensive game needs to be impeccable, we must dominate the boards, and our shooting has to be on point, just like it was against South Carolina.

Today, we had two outstanding players who rose to the occasion, securing our victory. Come Saturday, we’ll need even more players to step up if we’re to stand a chance. It’s going to take a collective effort, with everyone giving their best.

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